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About "4NEW"

Who is 4NEW?

4NEW is the world's first eco-friendly blockchain ecosytem powered by waste to energy power plants. 4New's ecosystem will provide a blockchain platform that will enable decentralized, peer to peer transactions whereby production of energy can directly meet the consumption of energy globally. Waste to Energy (WTE) power plants serve as a dynamic solution with over a 115 year history for addressing two social & environmental crisis; Waste Surplus & Energy Shortfall. Furthermore, other renewable energy sources such as Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Hydro are all dependent on natural resource availability; waste is available everywhere. Revenue generated from waste processing operates the plant at breakeven. Therefore, the energy produced is free. This free energy can be sold to the national grid or consumed.

A group of remarkable pioneers on investments and credits was setting up this financial company named 4NEW and started their business offline five years ago, specilizing in investing on bank business and renewable energy. The 4NEW group is just like a geek ......(read more)

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One big feature is our special referral's bonus scheme. You can get an extra award when you promote our program successfully. We are also giving away promotional bonus for our first few depositors. For details please check our FAQ

Higher commissions than normal programs to attract possible investors.

Fastest payment and quick response.

Resourceful investing channels, rich investing experience and background from our team.

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